Holman Prize Blindness Ambition Award 2019

It is so hard to cram all the information I wanted to share with everyone in a 90 second video so I created this post to share with you about the Holman Prize. http://holman.lighthouse-sf.org/

Every year the Lighthouse for the Blind hosts the Blindness Ambition Award and after a few rounds of hundreds of entries, 1 contestant is chosen to receive up to $25,000 to use towards achieving their goal.

The entries vary dramatically and only one will win the grand prize.

What is my goal?

I would like to expand my home studio to bring more presentable, professional, and memorable videos to my viewers. I am currently on YouTube as well as a few others but most video platforms are not as accessible to my screen reading software. I do have some awesome friends who help me with the other platforms so I can focus on making the videos and they can post elsewhere for me.

As you can imagine, being a video producer for a blind person can be challenging but that’s what makes life a little more interesting isn’t it? 

I do all the in studio work for my channel with the exception of asking for help with either creating thumbnails or finding them for my videos. I also host many live shows which I am also the producer of.

I’m quite limited on what I can actually do due to the limited access a blind user has with certain software but I do the best I can which you can see the progress on my channel. I’ve learned so much since the first entry of the Holman Prize Blindness Ambition Award and it is thanks to this contest that I started making YouTube videos.

What Would I Use The Prize Money For?

Primarily for upgrades to my studio including my computer, equipment, software, and studio set material and equipment.

The biggest expense would be the computer category because working with video production can be costly. Processing power, storage capability, camera, and finding the best accessibility friendly video software. Then there is the studio gear like mic’s, stands, sound tiles, variety of backdrops, etc.

I want to take my channel brand to the next step by becoming a self grown channel with out the partnership of an MCN, multi-channel network, that can dictate or direct a channel to push a perspective of the ownership rather than my perspective. I would like to keep my channel as close to free speech as possible within the guidelines that the platforms allow.

I have already produced the 90 second video entry which you can see here https://youtu.be/Yx-BLLcAD5M

and all you need to do to show support is to subscribe and like the video. Every like count goes towards the popularity portion of the contest and helps determine semi-finalists.

You can see my entry page here http://holman.lighthouse-sf.org/2019/darragh-ryan/

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