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Third Eye Radio Network is dedicated to the Indie artist as well as alternative news sources reporting on the topics that you don't hear in mainstream media.

As we rebuild our website, please email us with any questions, comments, concerns, submissions, guest bookings, or artist information at management@thirdeyeradionetwork.com or click this link: :Email Us
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For the latest VidCasts, please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to stay up to date with news stories rarely covered by mainstream media.

Third Eye Radio Network Video Exclusive

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube exclusive series Ice Me: The 30 Day Experience where we follow the progress of my dear friend Gentle Chaos as he allows us to walk with him through the first 30 days of his sobriety from Ice. We will be live every day at 3pm PST on our YouTube channel here.
Third Eye Radio Network Official YouTube Channel

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